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You come to Atlantic City to play, but you have to eat sometime! If you're like us, you want to know where to find good restaurants before arriving, so you don't have to spend time looking for the right restaurants once you get to town.

Atlantic City: When restaurants
are the entertainment

Inside Atlantic City casinos you'll find plenty of entertainment at the restaurants themselves!

The Fantasea Reef Buffet at Harrah's boasts hundreds of live tropical fish in giant aquariums. From soup to nuts, the nine food stations offer so many choices that no one will leave unsatisfied.

Hyakumi at Caesars turns food preparation into performance art. Relax in comfort as you observe Teppan-yaki chefs prepare your seven-course dinner table side. Hyakumi promises that anything you order, be it steak, chicken, lobster or tuna, will be served graciously in traditional Japanese style. That's the sort of experience that turns a trip into a dream vacation.

Also at Caesars, the Bacchanal will treat you like royalty - Roman royalty, that is. The Bacchanal pulls out all the stops to make you feel as pampered as the upper class of ancient Rome once were with meals being served in the manner Caesar would have expected. The "emperor" will greet you, and a "royal maid" will be on hand to constantly refresh your wine. No wonder this restaurant was named after the roman god of wine and revelry.

And where is the only baccarat pit in the world where guests can dine overlooking the area where they play? Scheherazade in the Trump Taj Mahal. Your escargot, truffled dover sole and chocolate souffle will help you resist the casino's siren call, if only for a while. By the end of your meal, you will wish you could spend a thousand and one nights dining in Atlantic City.

Atlantic City Area Staff