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Atlantic City NJ Overview

Atlantic City casinos Atlantic City New Jersey is a beautiful city located along the northeastern coastline of the United States along the sparkling waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Atlantic City is a mix of bustling city excitement alongside the architectural brazenness of casinos, the famous boardwalk, and stretches of white, sandy beaches.

Visitors to Atlantic City will find the possibilities endless: gambling, shopping, clubbing, fishing, sightseeing and much, much more can all be found in this terrific city that has been nicknamed America's Favorite Playground.

Atlantic City is not particularly well known for its arts, but you would be surprised what the city can offer art lovers. From the Belrose Galleries, featuring excellent specialty jewelry and sculptures to the Gateway Playhouse, which features theatre from both traveling companies to local artists, Atlantic City has plenty of interesting things for art lovers worldwide.

Perhaps the best known aspect of Atlantic City, and the prime reason millions of vacationers choose this spot every year to travel to is the excitement of the casinos. Each casino in town has been built with both your entertainment and luxury in mind. These huge palaces contain thousands of slot machines and hundreds of table games. Also, many of these casinos contain theatres which host live entertainment every night as well as deluxe rooms for guests who want to stay in the casino for the duration of their vacation.

Another great aspect of Atlantic City are the sightseeing opportunities for those interested in historical landmarks and excellent photography experiences. Atlantic City has a large number of historic sites that have been maintained and kept up to preserve important pieces of American history. From the beautiful waterfront views, to landmarks like the Abesecon Lighthouse, to some of the most beautiful vineyards in the world, Atlantic City has all the sightseeing attractions you could possibly want.

From the beautiful beaches to the bustling excitement of the casino floor, Atlantic City has something exciting for everyone. With literally thousands of attractions built specifically with the vacationer in mind, Atlantic City is the prime choice for tourists everywhere. You need to come to Atlantic City today to find out what all the talk is about. You will never want to vacation anywhere else again.

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