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Fishing in Atlantic City

New and seasoned fishermen will find many choices for fishing charters in the adjacent ocean at Atlantic City.

One of the more popular Atlantic City fishing boats is the Evelyn Ann. a Sport Fishing charter fishing boat.

Boat Rentals & Boat Tours

Atlantic City also offers a variety of ways to play on the water without trying to catch fish!

Boat rentals, jetski rentals, and boat tours can be both exhilarating and informative for the entire family.

With 27 miles of unbroken beachfront boating is simply a way of life in Atlantic City. If you are interested in seeing the skyline from the water, Blue Water Adventures offers a variety of Skyline and Sunset Cruises. Presenting the city from new, different and exciting perspectives, these cruises run inland on the bay as well as along the coastline.

Other companies, such as Blue Water Adventures, offer fishing and diving excursions, as well as day and evening party cruises.

One company however goes above and beyond the call of duty where sightseeing cruises are concerned. At no cost, except for an optional donation to Water Watch International (a pro-active, non-profit volunteer water monitoring organization with chapters throughout the United States and around the world) Captain Joe Fogel of Waterwatch Water Taxi will carry you, via water, to your favorite local bar or restaurant. Along the way you will be able to see birds, fish and wetlands while listening to a narrated nature tour. Waterwatch Water Taxi will even pick you up, again at no cost, and return you to your hotel. How is that for a twist!

For those who would also like to seize the opportunity to see whales and dolphins in their natural habitat, the Cape May Whale Watch and Research Center maintains one of the most sophisticated whale and marine mammal migratory tracking systems on the East Coast.

Through state-of-the-art technology the Center is able to communicate with fleets of commercial fishing vessels and remain constantly aware of these animals whereabouts.

As a result patrons of their tours are guaranteed sightings on their outings. In the event that no marine mammals are sighted, a complimentary second trip is offered.

The Research Center offers three trips on a daily basis (4 on summer weekends) from April through December and each trip lasts between 2 and 3 hours.

Other companies that offer dolphin and whale watching cruises include Big Flamingo, Dixie Queen, and Starlight Fleet.

With its variety of offshore and onshore activities, Atlantic City's winning combination of natural beauty and commercial ventures is every vacationer's dream come true.